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River Cruises - A Better Way to Explore

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River Cruising - Exploration at its Best

Simply stated, there isn’t a more convenient way to travel. Once you have unpacked your bags, check-out the luxurious floating hotel that is your home for the duration of your cruise. While you drift along through magical landscapes, you can almost see history unfold as castles and cathedrals appear one after another on either side. Travelers enjoy spacious staterooms, gracious interior décor, and exceptional personalized service with a 2-to-1 crew to passenger ratio. And, of course, we need not overstate the cuisine – you will be bombarded with savory delights created by your wonderful onboard chefs. Both experienced and first-time travelers have discovered the majesty of river cruising, making it the fastest-growing segment of the travel industry.
Large Staterooms

The World’s Greatest Cities – Footsteps Away

Throughout history the world’s greatest cities and towns were built on the great rivers of the world. Paris, Vienna, Budapest, Cairo…all developed along major waterways, the highways of the past. Unlike traditional ocean cruises where so much time is spent at sea and less time in port, with River Cruising you will have time to thoroughly explore the villages, sites, and scenery along a variety of great rivers. In Europe you have a choice of the Danube, Rhine, and Moselle as well as some of the smaller waterways of Holland, Belgium and France. Or, if your tastes lean more toward the exotic, break away and discover the mysteries of China along the mighty Yangtze or the ancient wonders of Egypt’s Nile.

Stress-Free Travel

After boarding the ship, unpack—just once—in your spacious river-view stateroom. Once unpacked, your time is entirely yours to enjoy. You may choose to laze onboard deck and do absolutely nothing, or you may partake in the comprehensive onshore excursion program included in the price of every cruise—talk about value! Additionally, the Enrichment Programs presented by the knowledgeable Cruise Directors provide engaging commentary as the ship passes through the enchanting cities, villages, forests and vineyards.
Stress free travel

A New Experience Every Day

Without the hustle and bustle of busy highways, the waterways of Europe, China, Egypt thread through beautiful landscapes stopping at many ports allowing you to explore well-known cities as well as unforgettable quaint little towns and villages. The breathtaking scenery is ever changing as glide along the river.
Memories for a lifetime

Explore Your Way

At every stop, there is always an opportunity to go on specialized optional sightseeing excursions, city walking tours or just to take a stroll around quaint villages and historic towns after dinner. Every night, you dock in a different location that is nearly always within a few minutes walking distance of the most interesting sights and historic landmarks.
Explore your way

Effortless Sailing

The large flat-bottomed river ships ensure a smooth-as-glass ride without any worries about motion sickness. There's never any tendering to shore - your river ship docks right near the heart of the cities and towns you are visiting.
Effortless travel

Extraordinary Value

When you consider the total cost of travel in Europe, River Cruising is a bargain package. All of your accommodations, intra-Europe transportation, gourmet cuisine, excursions, and nightly entertainment are included in the price. All totaled, one can expect to pay roughly $210 per night per person for a 12-day River Cruise—about the same cost as a four-star hotel room in many of the European cities you will explore. With this extraordinary value, it is no wonder our clients return with wonderful stories and rave reviews!
Extraordinary travel value