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Expedition cruises gives adventure-seekers with discerning taste rare access to the world's most remote, remarkable destinations. Voyage across the Polar Circle. Explore Africa's seldom-seen western coast. See what inspired Darwin in 1835 to develop his "Theory of Evolution" in the Galapagos Islands. Trek through Central American jungles. With small-group excursions guided by experts, you'll also experience your destination more intimately. After a day of unforgettable adventure, return to the comfort of your expedition ship.

What sets expedition cruising apart from “traditional” cruising is the relationship between the onboard and onshore. On a typical expedition ship the cruise experience is made up in equal measure by experiences onshore — both organized and independent — and various activities and entertainment onboard. Traditional cruise ships add programs of an educational nature, however, they are an after thought rather than the main thrust of the cruise experience.

Fine dining onboard is an obsession. Renowned chefs are applauded for their culinary vision, innovative spirit and exceptional taste. With the dining options onboard every ship, inspired menus are made to order with fresh, local, seasonal ingredients. All menus are highlighted by the sommelier's selection of the world's most celebrated vintages.